Until corrections can be made to the ‘Official’ Spartanburg ARES website, please consider the following information as Official.

The Spartanburg Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

Mission Statement:

Provide trained communications operators in assisting various agencies in Spartanburg County during emergency situations and special events.

Nation/Statewide Emergency Drill 11/15/17:
SCEMD: GridEx IV PDF linked Here


Local Training:

On Site:

In an effort to build camaraderie and our skill-sets the Spartanburg ARES group meets at 7 pm local time (1900) on the 2nd Tuesday evening of Every Odd Month at the Spartanburg Herald-Journal HQ Building.  Located at 189 W. Main Street in Spartanburg, SC.
For 2017:
May 9     July 11      Sept 12      Nov 14

On Air:

To fulfill our mission statement an ARES training net is held every Thursday evening at 1930hrs local time on the Spartanburg Amateur Radio Club repeater of 147.315+ mhz with a tone of 123. (

Everyone is invited to participate in this net. A weekly training topic is given following roll call.

This is good time to make sure your equipment is operating correctly, receive training and get to hear other radio operators on the air that share the common interest of helping our community during a emergency event.

ARES Training net:
Every Thursday 19:30 hrs local time
147.315 tone 123

Spartanburg ARES Facebook Group

Spartanburg ARES has designated a tactical/simplex frequency in each vhf/uhf band.  Please program/label these freqs into your rigs for ease of use if need arises.

 2M 146.550 (ARES Tac1 2M)

1.2M  223.440 (ARES Tac1 220)

70CM  446.200 (ARES Tac1 440)

Under “normal emergency” conditions, we will use the SPARC 2m Repeater 147.315 for Net Control, and Simplex/Tactical Frequencies for off loading message traffic that may tie up the repeater if priority traffic should occur.


To Download the above in CSV format for use in CHIRP and other radio programming software, click HERE


District Emergency Coordinator
Bob Grudzien – KE7LJ
bob at

Emergency Coordinator
Pokie Burnett – KK4UCE
kk4uce at

AEC/Net Control

Bret Phillips – N9LPT

Cale Nelson – K4CDN
cale at